Roofer Tells Stories About Old Fire Departments

The entire state of Massachusetts is filled with history, but one thing few people consider is the fire departments. However, these departments have been evolving along with the rest of the area and are now leading the world in the use of new technologies. In addition, many of the departments are in historical buildings, filled with history and opportunities to make history as well.

Some of the oldest departments include Boston and Cambridge, with Stow coming in close on their tails. These towns survived the revolutionary war, and then helped found the modern fire department as we know it. Without these departments, we might not have the services we have across the entire USA.

While most of the departments were founded during town meetings, today they are created based on need, and many cities have multiple departments. This has not diminished their historical status, and many of them work together, reminding us of the times that have gone before.

We met the owner of a roofing company in Madison Wisconsin ( who said his grandfather was a fireman back in the ’20’s. It’s amazing the stories that he told us about the old suits they used to wear. They were experimenting with flame retardant materials back then, and one thing is for certain, be it hand-made uniforms or the highest technological advances in flame retardant fabric, the men and women of the Massachusetts area are willing to lay down their lives to protect others around them.