The History Of Fire Departments On The East Coast

It all began with a simple set of ladders located at the nearby post office.┬áThis was before the $8000 spent on creating a new building in the late 1800’s with “modern” equipment.

The fire departments on the East Coast have come a long way especially in Massachusetts, and the population has grown as well.

The team started off with only a few firefighters before quickly growing into the massive force on offer these days for anything that takes place in the area. It is essential to appreciate this evolution as things have grown leaps and bounds.

The real charm of what these fire departments have to provide is their expertise and quality. This has also developed over the years. Modern methods are being employed with a vigor to learn about what is the most efficient way to battle flames. These firefighters are always upgrading their skill set to help the community in Massachusetts.

I have been around for years in this area and feel the fire departments on the East Coast are some of the best in America and perhaps the world as well. They are as good as they come in this day and age.